Saturday, 16 March 2013

One Direction!

Hey guys,
So as some of you may know, my sister, my cousin, my friend and I went to see One Direction a few weeks a go in Cardiff (even though we live just south of London, dedicated fan right here) and i have finally got round to posting about it! Enjoy :p
I was a little excited :D
okay we all were hehee
we had some very tasty champagne (jess decided to leave half her lipstick on the glass) 

we were snapped by the capital street snaps (picture taken from their website i do not own it)

they were giving out these free One Direction masks :) we found out later that in most places you had to buy them ahaha

Niall fell over :p

look how close they got to us when they were up on the platform :D

So yeah, that was my AMAZING time at One Direction!! I literally had such a great time :D I am also lucky enough to have got tickets (this morning!) to go and see them again on the 6th April! :D

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures :)
Love you all