Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hollister body spray

Laguna Beach body mist, Crescent Bay body mist, Velvet Cassia body mist, Malibu Beach body mist, Crystal Cove body mist

I wouldn't really call it an obsession, but i absolutely LOVE the Hollister body sprays. At only £12 each, it's really easy to build up a collection. these are the ones that i have at the moment. Yes i know the middle ones from Gilly Hicks but they're the same company :)

The Laguna body mist has a sort of peachy smell which i love. It was actually the first spray i got and loved it so much i got it again. It's scent is really refreshing and definitely one of my favourites.

The Crescent spray smells of watermelon and poppy. It's a really sweet scent but not too sweet. This too is one of my favourites. I really like it's 'playful' scent as it says on the website. ahaa

 The Velvet Cassia spray smells of strawberries. I actually got given this from a friend as she didn't really like the scent or thought it didn't suit her or something but i really like it. I find it lasts a long time too which is great.

The Malibu spray smells like marzipan and also a little like malibu rum, one time when i was wearing it my friend thought i had been drinking hahaa (it was a school day!). It is a really nice, warm smell but can be a little overpowering. 

The Crystal spray smells of kiwi with a hint of strawberries. This is also one of my favourites i just love the scent of it as it puts me in a happy mood ahaa. I'm not sure if this one is still in stock as i couldn't find it on the website but you never know they may bring it back :)

Two other sprays that they have are the 'Silver Strand Beach Mist' and 'Solana Beach Mist'. I have never tried either of these but they look nice so maybe i'll give them a go sometime :)

What are your favourite body sprays? Have you tried any of these and if you have what are your opinions on them?
Hope you found this interesting or helpful or something :)


  1. I love the hollister body sprays my fave is the laguna beach one. Not only does it smell amazingly refreshing but the laguna beach title completly sold me!


  2. they're all so nice aren't they :)
    yeah its amazing! :) ahaa
    thanks for the comment!

  3. I love these body sprays! cute blog :-)

    1. i love them too :)
      thank you and thank you for the comment!