Monday, 11 February 2013

Graze Box Review

My first Graze box arrived! I have them delivered on Tuesdays so this one came last Tuesday, as i ate one 'punnet' a day i have only just got round to reviewing it!

It comes with two cute little booklets and has a different pretty picture on the top of the inside of each box.

Inside my box was 'herby bread basket', 'tropic sundae', 'jaffa cake' and 'omega booster seeds'. I will talk about them in the order of my favourites. This little booklet has all the nutrition information which is really helpful :)

First up: 'Jaffa Cake' 

The 'jaffa cake' punnet included Belgian Dark Chocolate coins, orange raisins and roasted hazelnuts. The Belgian dark chocolate coins were very yummy, but i love all chocolate so this was no surprise. The orange raisins were amazing, they were so good, in my opinion, them alone tasted like jaffa cakes ahaa. The roasted hazelnuts were alright, but im not really that much of a fan of hazelnuts. Overall, it was really good, and actually tasted like jaffa cakes! ahaa 

Nutrition Information (per punnet)
208 Kcal
19g carbs
18.3g carbs (sugars)
3g protein
13.5g fats
3.5g fats (saturates)
2.6g fibre
11.5mg sodium

Next up the 'tropical sundae'

This included dried pineapple pieces, dried mango, dried banana coins (ascorbic acid and citric acid). The dried pineapple was very delicious and tasted great, the dried mango was a bit chewy but still tasted nice, the dried banana tasted quite interesting but was still yummy. Overall was very enjoyable and was one of your 5 a day so added bonus!

Nutritional information
77.6 Kcal
18.4g carbs
15.5g carbs (sugars
0.8g protein
0.3g fats
0.1g fats (saturates)
2g fibre
7.7mg sodium

My next favourite was the 'herby bread basket'

This included mini garlic croutons, mini basil breadsticks and oregano rice crackers. The mini basil breadsticks were the best think in the punnet and were very yummy, the mini garlic croutons were also very nice and the oregano rice crackers were alright but weren't that great in my opinion. Overall, was satisfying and with only 83 calories per punnet, can't really complain ahaa.

Nutritional information
10.5g carbs
0.9g carbs (saturates)
1,6g protein
5.2g fats
1.8g fats (saturates)
0.5g fibre
44.8mg sodium

Finally, the 'omega booster seeds'

 The omega booster seeds included sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and golden linseeds. As i am not an expert on seeds and they were all mixed together i couldn't really tell the difference between them (my bad ahaa). If you're like me and not really a fan of seeds i would suggest going in with an open mind as they weren't as bad as i expected, they were actually quite nice, just a little dry. However, they actually have lots of healthy benefits, they include: Omega 3, Copper, Vitamins B1, B6, B9 & E, Magnesium and Zinc.

Nutritional information
189 Kcal
5.6g carbs
0.7g carbs (saturated)
7.6g protein
16.5g fats
1.7g fats (saturates)
3.8g fibre
4.1mg sodium

Overall, i'm really glad I ordered this and will continue to order them each week. Can't wait to see what i get in this week!
Go to Graze to get more information, but i would recommend it. If you want to try it for free (come on it's free food ahaa) I got a 'feed your friends code' which you can use: WKD4XKTD I will keep the code at the side of my blog so if you ever want to use it just look over there >>> 

Hope you found this interesting or enjoyed it or something ahaa 
Let me know if you use the code or if you get graze boxes, let me know if you like them :)


  1. I like graze but think its expensive xx

    1. Yeah i agree, i guess it will get quite expensive, i actually got a deal to get the first one free and the next one half price (not sure how they just offered it to me over email)
      if you wanted to try it out you could use the code that i got to get one free?
      thanks for the comment

  2. I love Graze :) it's such a good idea. I've had the herby basket before and I gad one recently that had the new popcorn range in :) xxx

    1. it really is! oohh the new popcorn range looks so good! :)
      i hope it get one of those soon ahaa
      thanks for the comment!

  3. i love graze boxes, they are so addictive


    I'm also doing a great giveaway on my blog Giant Vintage Glasses!
    hope you enter

    1. they are amazing! :)
      i will check it out
      thanks for the comment :)

    2. This is something new! I'd love to have that box delivered to my door every month! ::D


    3. well if you wanted you could try one for free using the code? :)

  4. The Jaffa cake section sounds yummy xx

  5. I got a free coupon and i've been tempted to try it also, this selection looks so appetising! x

    1. feel free to use my free code whenever you like :)
      it really was- i got a great box this week too
      thank you for the comment!

  6. Hi tried them last year as i had a free trial, they were amazing but often i ended up throwing them away as i wouldn't eat them all. I say to anyone who want to be healthy in your diet, try them as they will really help you.

    1. ohh fair enough, i guess its just a matter of opinion
      yeah definitely helps me not munch away on other unhealthier snacks!
      thanks for the comment