Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wreck This Journal

Quite a while a go now (well a few months) i got the amazing 'wreck this journal' by Keri Smith and so I've decided to share with you a few of my favourite pages :)

The wonderful front cover which i haven't got round to decorating yet :)
Yes i know this isn't the most original idea but i like it ;) heehee

 Just to prove that the strips are actually ripped up and not just coloured in :)

Turned the holes into stars and made it into a bit of an inspirational quote 'stars can't shine without darkness'. Also i like Rihanna's song 'Diamonds' 

I chose the word 'hope' because i think everyone needs a bit of hope :) 'hope is the only thing stronger than fear' according to President Snow in The Hunger Games :p

Obviously i didnt actually climb up a skyscraper and drop my journal but i just love this song :)

Have to love a page of good thoughts, all good things that can put me in a good mood or things that i need to remember <3
So those are just a few of the many pages in my wreck this journal. I have completed quite a few more but haven't finished it yet :) 

Hope you enjoyed this or found it interesting or something ;) ahaa

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  1. This is simply wonderful! I couldn't have came across it at a more perfect timing!