Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Years Resolutions

Its nearly 2013 so i have decided this year i am actually going to make and try (so very hard) to stick to some New Year's Resolutions :)

1) Get a complete makeover (not sure how I'm going to do this one)
2)Start a regular exercise regime (easier said than done)
3)Try a bungee jump or similar 
4)Get a tattoo 
5)Go on a date
6)Buy something obscenely expensive (sort of contradicts number 14 ahh well)
7)Write a letter to someone and actually send it
8)Travel somewhere you've never been before
9)Start a new club (e.g. dance)
10)Stress less
11)Drink more water
12) Stay positive
13)Save money
14)Eat more healthily
15) Be more organised

You may notice that some of these aren't a normal sort of resolution, I'm going to give myself to the end of my gap year (that means i have until the end of 2015 i think and hopefully I'll have more of an idea of what i want to do then) to complete the list seeing as some of them would take longer (e.g. i cant get a tattoo until I'm 18). Some of these have been inspired by 'The Single Girls To-Do List' by Lindsey Kelk :)

Hope you enjoyed this or found it interesting or helpful or maybe even inspired you to write your own resolutions or something ahaa ;)

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