Thursday, 13 December 2012

my bedroom ;)

My bedroom

Decided to show you a few of my favourite things around my room :)
its not very big so it dont have many things to show you but here they are:

i love my pinboard and have been collecting various things such as tickets to put on it for years then i decided to make my 'dream' peace of wall art out of cardboard and put it there because i think it looks goddamn cool :p

 i made these out of, im not really sure what it is, some foamy thing that came in a box for a photo frame, then covered them in tissue paper and wrote these inspirational words on them. they are underneath a shelf in my room and i really like them as i think they look pretty :)

this is my heart photo frame (i think thats a little obvious) but i filled it with some of my favourite pictures of me and people who mean a lot to me (if you see yourself then congrats, you mean a lot to me, if you dont, dont worry you probably mean a lot to me too) :)

Sorry, yet again this hasnt been very interesting, im sort of busy at the moment with school work and coming up to christmas (and other reasons that im not going in to at this time) so yeah probably wasnt the best time to start a blog but i wanted to so shuup :p 

Hope you found this interesting or enjoyed it or something ahaa :)

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