Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lana Del Rey and Emeli Sande

First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D
For Christmas i got many amazing presents, these included Lana Del Rey's Born To Die: The Paradise Edition and Emeli Sande's Our Version of Events. Both these Cd's are absolutely incredible and i cant stop listening to them :)

Born to Die                                                                    The Paradise Edition
1 Born To Die                                                                 1 Ride
2 Off To The Races                                                         2 American
3 Blue Jeans                                                                   3 Cola
4 Video Games                                                               4 Body Electric
5 Diet Mountain Dew                                                       5 Blue Velvet
6 National Anthem                                                           6 Gods and Monsters
7 Dark Paradise                                                               7 Yayo
8 Radio                                                                          8 Bel Air
9 Carmen
10 Million Dollar Man
11 Summertime Sadness
12 This Is What Makes Us  Girls
13 Without You
14 Lolita 
15 Lucky Ones

Although i have to say many of the songs are similar, they all have something different or special about them which means that i like them all. I don't think i actually skip any of the songs when listening to them, which is quite rare for me when listening to a CD (i get bored easier ahaa) Some of my favourite songs have to be Off To The Races, Video Games, Summertime Sadness and Ride. I also love the fact that there are so many songs on the Cd's; however, i am slightly annoyed that they're on two separate disks as, at the moment, our iTunes is playing up so i can only listen to them on my laptop, so as i am lazy, it takes effort to change the disks. If that's the only real fault that i can come up with about this CD i think it suggests that it's a pretty good CD :)

Our Version Of Events
1 Heaven
2 My Kind Of Love
3 Where I Sleep
4 Mountains
5 Clown
6 Daddy
7 Maybe
8 Suitcase
9 Breaking The Law
10 Next To Me
11 River
12 Lifetime
13 Hope
14 Read All About It
15 Wonder
16 Breaking The Law (alternative version)
17 Easier In Bed
18 Beneath Your Beautiful
19 Imagine

I don't think i have anything bad to say about this CD at all, it's so amazing and beautiful. I literally love everything about it, all the songs, Emeli has such a perfect voice. Some of my favourite's have to be Heaven, Mountains, Clown, Next To Me, Wonder, Beneath Your Beautiful (I LOVE Labrinth too :D) and Imagine. If i was going to have to say something negative about it, i think it would be that i feel there needs to be more upbeat tracks. Obviously that's not criticising how the CD is just needs more songs added to it ;) ahahaa

So those are my sort of reviews of Lana Del Rey's and Emeli Sande's Cd's. I hope you found this interesting or helpful or something ahaa :p

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